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Testimonials from Bookers


Blackpool Opera House April 6th, 2019 

Jim Davidson Show 

Lynne Fox - has a golden voice, which is so easy on the ear. Smooth diction,and so relaxing to listen to.I have had the pleasure of hearing Lynne sing to 3 thousand people in the Blackpool Opera House,who just loved it. Lynne entertained also at our recent Magic Club -Presidents Dinner to 60 people and it was equally entertaining.She revives so many songs that we thought we had forgotten to but they come flooding back, because Lynne sings with so much passion also equally at home with current chart toppers. A wonderful voice for all occasions. Arthur Casson. Reviewed by: Arthur Casson" President Blackpool Magicians Club organiser - 

Theatre / Show

April 2019

We booked Lynne 12 months ahead for our Ruby wedding anniversary at The Clifton Arms Hotel, Lytham.  We had requested Lynn to sing certain special songs which she delivered perfectly. Lynn sang a wide repertoire of songs from Doris Day to Ella Fitzgerald and performs in a very entertaining and charming way. She dressed immaculate and made our special day. Highly recommended. 

Peggy and Raymond Hilton 

Hardacre Court, St Anne’s 

Composer of No 1 Hits Bill Parkinson - Thank you so much Lynne.  Loved your version of my song.  Good Luck.  I will have to come up and have a play when I get up to Lancaster.


Blackpool Gazette 

The modern Waltz, a box Tango and a few variations on the Foxtrot with beautiful vocals from the elegant Lynne Fox guests had a ball at this year’s St George’s Day Festival in Lytham.

Part of the town’s festival, the event at Lowther Pavilion welcomed more than 100 visitors and raised thousands of pounds for charity.

Entertained by the Bill Barrow Quartet and vocalist Lynne Fox, guests filled the dance floor for number after toe-tapping number, showing off their moves and delighting those who preferred to sit and watch.

Barbara Wright 

My late partner Roy and I, have known Lynne for quite a number of years. She entertained for Roy at his 95th birthday party at the Carousel Hotel in Blackpool.  She is an amazing lady, who loves to sing and entertain people of all ages.   Her talent is limitless as she can sing anything you like. We have had her in our company, in many places.  Her piano  playing is exceptional, her charm and style are a joy to listen to and watching Lynne in any venue, is something you will never forget.  Since Roy died 12 month's ago, I have been to see Lynne a number of times in different venues, I will never tire of listening to her, and of course,I hope our friendship continues for many years to come.  I miss you Lynne and I look forward to seeing you soon.  I do also listen to your music on You Tube, so you are not very far away from me, after all.   As I have been out of the area for the last 2 years, I struggle to get to Blackpool. But you will always have a special place in my heart Lynne, Roy loved you, the R.A.F was very special to him and thank you for singing for him, while he was in Richard Peck House. The day he died, left me feeling very proud and privileged to have been loved by this very special man. You have been friends with us for years and we have danced  to your beautiful music so many times. You have given us some memorable moments Lynne, of course I will never forget them as they were very special to us.   I hope to see you soon again,you are an amazing talent.  Thank you for the memories.   Love.

We have known Lynne and David for a long time and have always admired their work and enjoyed watching them perform, be it as individual entertainers, as a duo, or as part of larger groups of musicians.  They are always entertaining and know how to tailor every act to suit any size or age of audience. 

We especially enjoy their 1940s shows, where Lynne dresses in military costume and sings all the great songs of the era.   These shows are fantastic if you want to dance but are just as enjoyable if you want to sit and sing along and wave flags, or just sit and enjoy the music.

Lynne and David also do a very interesting and enjoyable evening about the  life and music of the Gershwin Brothers and Cole Porter.  Here again, we have seen this show performed in a small café bar as a duo, in a larger ballroom with a jazz trio for dancing and even in a church for general entertainemnt.  Just another example of their versatility as entertainers and performers.  Paul and Lucy

We have known Lynne for many years, she is a very talented young lady totally dedicated to the music profession both as a teacher and a musician & singer. I have seen many of Lynnes performances along with David her partner who is an exceptional keyboard player in his own right You couldn't ask for a more dedicated couple in the art of music Good Luck to Her and David. Winston Atkinson

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Lynne Fox Music
About Lynne Fox Music

Lynne Fox has travelled the world doing what she loves best entertaining. 

Her shows have received great reviews including her Songs from the American Songbook, Cabaret, 60s tribute, and vintage shows appearing at major venues in the UK and Cruise lines. She is the first choice for Band leaders. Lynne also works with her first class backing tracks.,

Always keen to surround herself with the best musician's in town, Lynne embarked on a new musical adventure "An Evening with the Gershwin's and Cole Porter" The show was so well received it has recently been endorsed by the Cole Porter Family.

Lynne’s Love for recording began with her first recording equipment then things progressed to the studio recording music for wide genres, 

jingles and her own jazz and standards albums. 

Another ambition was fulfilled the The album YOU saw her collaborating with the legendary guitarist/producer Martin Kershaw. The musicians on the album included Ronnie Scott's resident pianist James Pearson, Oli Hayhurst, Double bass and Gary Husband on drums.

The album YOU a mix of original and covers with compositions from Martin Kershaw, Bob Saker and Lynne made the album a monument to her experience and live performances. Lynne Fox soon began having airplay and live performances with her band on BBC Radio to present a jazz show called "An Intimate Afternoon with Lynne Fox Quartet." Lynne continues to be popular on radio and live performances. 

The late Desmond Carrington Radio Show gave Lynne’s recording My Ship a great review which set up her career in recording and performing Live music. 

Lynne has worked as an accompanist and vocal coach at Blackpool and Fylde College and academy’s in her area but now continues to record and perform Live. 

Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald,