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About Us

By admin, 2018-08-28
About Us

Songblitz.com is owned and operated by our Independent Record Label Soundblitz Records. Some of the artists featured on this site are signed to our labels, we also market some of them under our first label MrBenidorm.com. You can find them on all Premier Digital Download sites such as iTunes and Amazon etc and on streaming sites such as Napster and Spotify and lots of others worldwide.

However this site was created to allow the Artist to earn a bigger slice of the cake, instead of the retailer earning the bulk of the revenue from the Artist efforts, we have reversed this trend. Now an Artist can sell their digital downloads and keep all the revenue with the exception of a small Paypal transaction fee and in return for a small annual subscription to the site.

Users of the site can also benefit from our Radio Station that broadcasts worldwide, is syndicated to various other sites and transmits 24/7/365 90% of the music is Country and very little chat. (Why spoil a good song chatting?) If we like an Artist that has joined JustCounty.co.uk we will add them to our playlist. No charges are made.

We welcome any feedback, especially if it could impove our site and the user experience.

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