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What Do Our Members Think About Songblitz

We have opened this section for comments from our Members. What do they really think of the site. Is it useful for them? Is it easy to use? Do they have a wishlist of what we could do to improve the site.

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Airplay Promotion

By admin, 2018-09-02
Airplay Promotion

Our Radio Broadcast is syndicated to various stations both in the UK and USA it is owned by our record company Soundblitz Records. If your tracks are good and we like them we will add them to our playlist. We broadcast 24/7/365, we make no charge to add tracks to our playlist and by the same token we do not pay royalties on airplay. We have found however that an artist gets noticed more and this increases their popularity.

We would require the track to have an ISRC code. Please supply the ISRC code if you submit a request for us to add your track(s) to our playlist.

If you do not have an ISRC code we can supply one to you for £10 ($13 USD) You can purchase here:

Information We require: Date of Recording. Place Of Recording. Featured Artist. Composer. Rights Owner.


We allow a limited amount of Airplay Promotion on our Radio Broadcast.

The promotion we allow at the moment consists of the following:-

We will allow a promotion for a track to have Heavy Rotation this means the track will be played at least 144 plays within a 24 hour period. We do not allow the same track to have Heavy Rotation more than once in a 7 day period.

The cost of the Airplay Promotion is just £10 GBP (approx $13 USD) Purchase Here

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Record Deal for an Elvis Presley impersonator

Soundblitz Records an Independent UK Record Label are looking for a really good Elvis Presley impersonator. We have a record deal for such a person. One of our Professional Songwriters has written a song that we feel Elvis would have recorded if he had not passed away. To Audition for this please create a Free Tribute Act Account at :-https://songblitz.com/user/signup Upload your audio tracks, photo and any YouTube video's you may have. Please read the Documentation this will explain how to do these things. Within a few days we will add the soundtrack, demo and lyrics of the song to your account.

If anyone would like to share this post with their favourite Elvis please do so. Thanks.

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Embedding ISRC Codes Why?

By admin, 2018-08-30
Embedding ISRC Codes Why?

What is embedding and why do I need it?

The process of embedding is the entry of the ISRC code into the metadata of your file. Below are some examples to illustrate what that means:

You are riding in your car and the artist and title of a song is being displayed on the stereo or MP3 player.
Playing a song or video on your computer or phone and the cover picture of the artist is displayed along with a title and other information.

Have you ever wondered where that information comes from?

There are three possibilities of encoding that information. We can help you with achieving all of them:

  1. Just the ISRC code is embedded. This allows the information to be pulled from online databases which your Internet-connected devices access.

  2. All of the information is embedded directly in the file. (Yes, we can even embed the cover images.) This allows devices that are not connected to the Internet, like car stereos, MP3 players, CD players, etc. to display the information about your song.

  3. The ISRC plus all of the information is embedded in the file. This permits offline devices to display the information stored and online devices to have the option to display the stored information OR to pull the most current information from online databases.

Also, have you wondered how the ISRC code gets connected to the audio/video file when you upload it for sale, and how sales and royalties are tracked?

Embedding ISRC codes helps those who carry your work identify your songs and videos more easily. This aids them in tracking revenues, plays, etc. It is also beginning to be required in some cases. Embedding can help prevent song or video misidentification as well. In addition, if you ever lose your ISRC code, you will be able to retrieve it from your file if needed.

Let our professionals handle your ISRC embedding for you!  Click here to order now!

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By admin, 2018-08-29

We are pleased to announce that we have now created an area on our site for songwriters.  Songwriters can now sign up and have the same free features as our Artists account.  If you write Country songs please choose songwriters from the dropdown list when creating an account.

It's FREE.

This has to be a great addition, many great singers cannot write songs and visa versa, now they have the opportuinity to liaise and perhaps collaborate.

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Earn on your Streaming

By admin, 2018-08-29
Earn on your Streaming

Our free streaming service now actually pays Artists, Songwriters and Recording Studios for all the Audio streams. We are also paying the highest Industy revenue on your streams. Just another Free feature added to help you enhance your career and revenue. Streams for Professional Accounts are paid at a higher rate than the free accounts.

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About Us

By admin, 2018-08-28
About Us

Songblitz.com is owned and operated by our Independent Record Label Soundblitz Records. Some of the artists featured on this site are signed to our labels, we also market some of them under our first label MrBenidorm.com. You can find them on all Premier Digital Download sites such as iTunes and Amazon etc and on streaming sites such as Napster and Spotify and lots of others worldwide.

However this site was created to allow the Artist to earn a bigger slice of the cake, instead of the retailer earning the bulk of the revenue from the Artist efforts, we have reversed this trend. Now an Artist can sell their digital downloads and keep all the revenue with the exception of a small Paypal transaction fee and in return for a small annual subscription to the site.

Users of the site can also benefit from our Radio Station that broadcasts worldwide, is syndicated to various other sites and transmits 24/7/365 90% of the music is Country and very little chat. (Why spoil a good song chatting?) If we like an Artist that has joined JustCounty.co.uk we will add them to our playlist. No charges are made.

We welcome any feedback, especially if it could impove our site and the user experience.

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By admin, 2018-08-28

Artists -Songwriters
We will give you the tools to promote yourselves,
and we will give you them Free

Recording Studios
We will let you advertise on our site Free -
It will help our Artists and Songwriters Find You

Fans - Listeners - Followers
We will let you have your own Website within
Songblitz.com Free

Just create your Free account and open up a whole new world

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