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When You Create An Acount

published17/08/18 06:19:00PM

Musicians – Singers – Bands

A genuine and awesome FREE offer for you
You can have a totally FREE website to promote your songs.
You can stream your songs to the world FREE and We will pay you on your streams
You can have your own Blog FREE
You can Stream YouTube video FREE
You can have an Events Diary FREE - add your gigs
You can have your own FAQ FREE
You can have your own Photo Gallery FREEYou can have your own Photo Album FREE
You can have your own Guestbook FREE
You can add more pages FREE
You can write and display your own Biography FREE
You can Share to Social Media FREE


If you want to sell your songs as digital downloads and keep all the money (apart from a small PayPal fee) we will upgrade you and set it up for just £19 a year (about $26.50) Just upgrade for a Professional Account

You can also sell Tangible Products with a Professional Account Upgrade - Cd's Video's, Tee Shirts, etc, etc

We also offer a no charge 50/50% upgrade allowing you to sell your digital downloads  and you get 50% of the download price Please ask for details

There are going to be some disappointed web designers but some very happy musicians.

What you waiting for.. We are here to help. Go sign up now.. Did we tell you? It's FREE

Artists - Signup for an ARTIST ACCOUNT

Fans, Followers, Liseners Signup for a COMMUNITY ACCOUNT

 Songwriters Signup for a SONGWRITER ACCOUNT

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Welcome to Songblitz

published01/08/18 09:00:00AM

Welcome to Songblitz, the site that puts YOU in control of your music. No longer do you have to get pennies for your music downloads. With a Songblitz Professional Account you set the download price and you get the revenue straight away and in full - less the small PayPal fee. (You do require a PayPal account and a small annual fee is payable of £19)You can create a Songblitz Account free of charge, we put all the tools you require free of charge to make you successful, upload your songs,have a blog, followers, import YouTube videos, add pages to your account and much more.

Create an account and see for yourself, it's Free  then if you want lots more features just upgrade to the Professional Account.

We are owned and operated by the UK Independent Record Label - Soundblitz Records so who knows, you may get discovered.

Here to help, help you succeed, help with advice, help you if you are not tech minded. 

Looking forward to listening to your tracks.


Artists - Signup for either an ARTIST ACCOUNT or a PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT

Fans, Followers, Liseners Signup for a COMMUNITY ACCOUNT

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